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martedì 22 luglio 2014

Cloud b UK and Ireland

Our Story

Not so long ago, in a land by the sea, there was a baby that slept so well, her mom had no idea what other parents were referring to when they talked about being sleep deprived. (We swear it’s true!) In her efforts to understand what made her baby different, she discovered it wasn’t her baby at all, but a special gift she received from afar when she was a newborn - a sleep bag.

This simple bag was a part of her daughter’s sleepy-time routine and kept her snuggly, secure, and comfortable all through the night - nearly eliminating night-time wakings. It was literally a parent’s dream come true. And, this one mom wanted all babies to have one. Imagine how much happier and healthier families could be!
So, the idea of Cloud b was born.

She told a very inventive designer/builder/jack-of-all-trades she knew about her idea and, as in true fairytale fashion, the unlikely pair assembled in humble quarters to embark on their entrepreneurial adventure. She brought a keen eye for design and a mother’s intuition. He brought an innovative nature and insatiable curiosity. Together, they transform simple sleep aids into opportunities for human connections. Plush with a purpose.

From a dream to help all babies drift off to dreamland as easily as hers; with a desire to create something of such superior quality and design it’s fit for royalty; and, a vision of promoting family health and happiness - Cloud b is now a trusted resource for parents around the world.
Why “Cloud b”?

The name’s a play on “Cloud 9,” where every child sleeps peacefully and parents find peace of mind. By comforting the whole family, we hope to inspire a sort of bliss where everyone is more open to enjoying each other’s company and building deeper, more meaningful bonds.

Your child deserves the very best and we pride ourselves on not only making quality products, but also for delivering quality sleep. And, we all know what a good night’s sleep means: a healthier, happier family!

How do we do it? We’re Sleep Specialists and we’ve done oodles of homework! Behind the scenes, our Cloud b Advisory Board — that’s what we call our sleep-centric squad of pediatricians and parents — is constantly researching and testing new methods for comforting and calming kids. We take all that expertise (and then some) and pack it into every plush we make.

Soothing the senses is key. So, we’ve focused on creating tranquil sights and sounds, relaxing scents, and a cozy softness that little fingers will reach for. But, our plush is for more than just snuggling and snoozing - your little ones will want their Cloud b friends around for playtime, too! Our plush pals are like one of the family - providing a smiling, supportive face when it’s tummy time and a soft, reassuring hug when things don’t go their way in the sandbox.

And, speaking of the sandbox, our products are heirloom quality and stand-up to the rough and tumble toddler lifestyle. We mentioned our attention to quality, but allow us to elaborate. Click on the links below to learn more about our:
Awards for Excellence and Innovation;
Stringent Testing Requirements; and,
Quality Standards.

And, we know they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but we urge you - accept no imitations! Learn how to identify Cloud b counterfeits.

the company has kindly honored with 2 of their beautiful dolls: Glow Cuddles™ Bunny and Twilight Ladybug® - Pink

Twilight Ladybug® - Pink

This cute and comforting little beetle offers the same calming effect as our original Twilight Turtle. It lights the way to a good night’s sleep with a starry projection in sapphire blue, emerald, or ruby red.


Cuddly companion projects a starry night sky
Eases fear of the dark
Projects actual star constellations

Light timer and features
45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep, recommended by pediatricians
Projects in 3 soothing color options: blue, green and red
Star guide included to help identify constellations
Requires 3 AAA batteries; batteries are included

this is adorable ladybug and the stars that light up the room in the dark you can see the various constellations and our children can learn new things on the stars, and a constellation, so will the magical dreams surrounded by many beautiful lights

I'll never stop saying these purchased items CLOUD B to your children because their sleep will be more comfortable in more articles like these really all adults and children as a gift and success is assured

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CloudbUK
SITO: http://cloudb.com/UK/home/

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  1. Non conoscevo cloud b anche se non ti nascondo che alla mia piccola ci vorrebbe proprio una lucina perchè sempre più spesso piange la notte al buio perchè ha paura. Proverò ad acquistare una tartaruga per la mia nana. ho visto sul sito quella blu. Fantastica :)

  2. Conosco CouldB mi piace tanto, sono carinissimi :-)

  3. Sono davvero adorabili questi "peluche luminosi", impazzirebbe ogni bambino!!

  4. molto belli questi peluche notturni, la mia bimba l'adorerebbe, soprattutto questa tartaruga

  5. che bella questi peluche , piacerebbero molto a mio fratello ! la coccinella adorabile :)

  6. Ma che carini che sono questi peluche!!! Mio figlio li adorerebbe!

  7. che meraviglia questi articoli per dolci sonni !!!! mia figlia ha sempre bisogno della luce notturna, con questi peluche risolverebbe il problema delle sue paure. grazie del passaparola!

  8. Sono stupendi questi peluche, soprattutto le tartarughe

  9. Sono davvero stupendi questi peluche *-* Anch'io da piccola avevo una tartaruga come peluche e non la lasciavo mai :)