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giovedì 26 marzo 2015

BRACCIALI gioielli Bali Clicks Original

Symbols and handmade designs that suit you
Inspired by the Hindu tradition of symbols, but also by the Bali available natural materials such as wood, glass, shells, pearls and gems, arised idea to design that you can vary endlessly. Their own collection of jewelry and accessories We call these small, interchangeable charms 'clicks' because they via a click system, for example, a belt or bracelet to confirm its quick and easy and can be swapped. That way you create in no time a totally different look to suit the season or just how you feel at that moment. Our Bali Clicks with attention and hand made of mostly natural and organic materials. The detailed symbols and patterns are carved with precision and painted. This enables each 'click' unique. As you reach each symbol is a meaningful description, you can see the designs, precious stones or materials figuring that fit your character or state of mind. Our collection expands regularly with new designs with inspiration from Bali, giving you even more easier to experiment and combine.
Contribute to a better Bali
Bali Clicks Original also contributes to strengthening the employment and working conditions for local artisans who work in different locations in Bali in the workshops. Each line of our Bali Clicks Original Collection is named after one of these sites, all of which have their own unique characteristics. Thus Ubud village known for its sophisticated painting and the surroundings of Lovina in the north to the processing of glass. Coastal Villages such as Sanur and Jimbaran in turn specialize in materials such as shells, pearls and beads and Mas is the village of silver and gold decorative arts. By letting manufacturing and selling our products we contribute (and so do you!) to the support of many families in Bali, who in turn can ensure that their children get the education they deserve.

in this cute video you will see how it works:

I love this bracelet and what you expect to run and buy one of the many products Bali Clicks Original

13 commenti:

  1. Bellissimi gioielli:) baci


  2. Ma che bello questo bracciale, molto originale e super colorato **

  3. molto grazioso questo braccialetto con questi colori delicati e vivaci, adatto ad ogni outfit

  4. Questo brand per me e' nuovo, nuovo. Andro' a curiosare volentieri i gioielli proposti.
    Il tuo bracciale e' davvero carino, perfetto per questa bella stagione.

  5. Che meraviglia! Non conoscevo questo brand!
    Il bracciale è meraviglioso!



  7. avevo visto la foto del bracciale sulla tua pagina facebook e sono venuta qui a leggere e vedere meglio di cosa si tratta e devo dire che questo minibracelets mi ha davvero entusiasmato!

  8. non conoscevo questo brand, ma questi bracciali sono molto belli... vado subito a curiosare sul sito :D

  9. sono davvero stupendi, perfetti per completare un look un po' etnico!

  10. Molto bello questo bracciale... è wooow! Lascia a bocca aperta! Lo trovo peretto per gli outfit eleganti!

  11. I bracciali in stile etnico mi piacciono molto.
    Adatti per l'estate in spiaggia

  12. Molto particolare questo bracciale, lo stile etnico ha sempre il suo fascino

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